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Cervix that bleeds easily

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Hello, I posted on another board previously but I was wondering if I would get more responses here. I have been experiencing postcoital bleeding for over 4 years. Tests were negative for all STD's and infections and my last 4 pap smears have been normal (prior to that I had moderate dysplasia which was treated with LEEP). I recently had a colposcopy and the dr. said she didn't see any abnormal cells but I did have a "friable cervix" that bleeds easily upon touch and is very vascular. She applied silver nitrate to it, but once again I experienced bleeding after sex the other day.

From doing research on the internet, it seems as though a cervix that bleeds easily is a symptom and not a disorder in itself. Has anyone been told they had a cervix that bleeds easily and tested negative for all other possible causes? If anyone has any info regarding this, I would appreciate it. I heard it could be a symptom of cervical cancer so now I am afraid that my Dr. could have missed i, but then again, it may be more common than I think and I am just worrying too much. Thanks for your help!

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    • hi relyt

      I have similar prob to you. My doctor and gyno says i have cervical erosion (along with endometreosis but no link discussed) although is nothing to do with being eroded and the condition is entirely normal (something to do with the way the glandular cells grow downwards? ) !!!! Text books will tell you that this normally causes no cymptoms but in some women they produce an increased mucus discharge and occasionally the delicate cells may bleed easily when touched or during vigorous sex.

      I was told that it is not a pre-cancerous condition but it can mask symptoms and results of pap tests where cancer may be occurring.

      If I find anything more usefull I will post.



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